All Good things must come to an end... and I guess all things that make you really happy, and really sad at the same time must come to an end as well. It is tonight that I bid farewell to the Sneaky Creekans and the 5 years of my life I have devoted to the band.

We have all shared a large part of our lives, our passion, our free time, and our sorrows within this band... but it has always been an uphill struggle, and something had to give. Unfortunateley, this time, it was us.

Thanks everyone for their continued support, and efforts to help the creekan cause. We've grown weary. Rather than waste away to nothing and fight amongst ourselves, we've decided to go separate ways.

I believe that by accepting our differences, we'll continue to be best of friends, and may still take the stage together, in some form or another, someday. For now, it is over, and we bid all of our fans a fond farewell.

This site will still be updated with info about our own personal pursuits, so if you still need music from us, it's out there. If any of the guys have stuff they want you to hear, you can find it here.

Saturday, June 29th will be our final show as the Sneaky Creekans. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for your support.