The Dancers
The Dancers

The dancers "warm up"

     The Creekan Hick-Dancers existed in Nate's mind for a long time... With Nate stuck behind the drumset, there needed to be some other movement going on. So in came the dancers... Kevin was our original dancer and Rob came later. They wear "Peltors" to protect their sensitive dancer's ears. We've had a vast array of spaztic people come up and join our legions. the next one could be you.

     Rob Rush is our head flailer. Him and Sideburns take care of most of our dancing needs nowdays. Kevin used to dance for us, and so did Jonah. one moved to Arizona, the other was really hairy.

Rob Rush
Rob Rush





1. Rob Rush's web cam
2. Rob and the smirnoff Mig.
3. Rob Rush with Lock Jaw
4. Kevin and George getting the hook up.
5. Kevin and Rob donning their fanny packs of doom
6. The Dancers trying to fix nate's broken mic
7. The Dancers warming up.
8. There were way too many pictures of rob for me to handle,
   so I just took all the faces he made and put them into one image!
9. The ever so impish Kevin
10. Sideburns!