Yours truly: Nate

As of late, I've begun working on my own album. You can check it out here. Look out for 300 Pounds playing in your area soon.
And now for my bio... written in the third person, so you think that we actually have a webmaster to do all of this crap...

    Nate Lieby is the drummer and lead singer of The Sneaky Creekans. He is here to rock... someday Nate hopes to take over the world and make you all his loving slaves... Nate was originally only the drummer, but started singing when they didn't want to deal with ending up with a flaky asshole singer... well at least he isn't a flake... Nate spends most of band practice making odd faces at Laura because, well, isn't that what band practice is for?
  As you can tell from the constipated look on his face in the pictures below, he's the one who actually worries about getting the band booked etc, so you can contact him if you want to get the Creekans to play a show for or with you!

Be sure to check out the Dork Cam to see nate at work (when he's there).
If he's not there, check this out

e-mail Nate!
There once was a man from nantucket.

Nate is the grumpy creekan.


0. The Web cam (sometimes)
1. hanging out on the set of "The Big Lebowski"
2. Nate's new mohawk
3. Nate after getting his face smashed in by some jock at a brookdale lodge show
4. Nate being hardcore, or something
5. Nate being sly
6. Sneaky Creekans = Satan
7. Looking a little insane
8. Madly drumming away
9. The happiest day of his life...
10. Nate pointing to the "twelve inch muff" on his drumset
11. Here's that constipated look I was talking about
12. Nate charming the McDonald's hotties with the cheese tooth tecnique
13. Nate playing at the Brookdale lodge
14. Nate's classic greeting and salutation