Monday December 31st:
First Night Santa Cruz

The Vet's Hall, Santa Cruz, CA
Slow Gherkin, Sneaky Creekans, Super Pineapples
Free w/first night badge - All ages

Saturday, December 29th:
The G Street Pub, Davis CA
Serial Carpens, Sneaky Creekans
$5 - 21+ - Show At 9

Saturday, December 22nd:
The Aptos Club, Aptos, CA
Sneaky Creekans
$5 - 21+ - Show At 9

Saturday, December 22nd:

Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA
Sneaky Creekans
Come find us! We'll be playing around 1pm
Come see a rivetting accoustic performance down on the mall!

Monday, December 17th:
Club Octane, Monterey, CA
Sneaky Creekans
$3 - 21+ - Show At 9

Saturday, December 1st:
Saratoga Community Center, Monterey, CA
Sneaky Creekans
Free! - All Ages - Show At 1pm




Thursday, November 29th:
The Blue Fin, Monterey, CA
Sneaky Creekans
$5 - 21+ - Show At 9

Friday, November 9th:
The Aptos Club, Aptos, CA
The Chop Tops, Suburban Legends, Sneaky Creekans
$3 - 21+ - Show At 9

Thursday, October 28th:
Chain Reaction, Orange County
Suburban Legends, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages




Sunday, October 28th:
The Cactus Club, San Jose
The Chop Tops, Setacide, Euphonic Flux, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages - $6 - 9pm

Saturday, October 27th:
The Scottish Guy's Halloween Rager

Saturday, October 27th:
Going away party in prunedale.

Friday, October 26th:
The Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz- All Ages
Ramones Tribute Show / Fundraiser for 88.1fm KZSC Santa Cruz
Sneaky Creekans, Sin in Space, Jetlag, Hate Mail Express, and Here Kitty Kitty
All Ages - $6 - 7:30pm

Saturday, October 20th:
The Creekans Rawk on 88.1 fm
KZSC's Special Brew
All Ages - Free - Duh!

Saturday, October 13th:

Cafe Roma, Davis - All Ages
Serial Carpens, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages, 8:00, Free!
**Serial Carpens' CD Release Party!**

Friday, October 12th:
Togos Girl's Birthday Party
Rager. Felton.

All Ages - Free - late at night

Friday, October 12th:
UCSC Grad Party
By The Bookstore

All Ages - 6pm - Free - keep it on the down low




Friday, September 28th:
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA
Sneaky Creekans, Craig's Brother, The Huxtables
All Ages - $6/$4 - 9:00 pm

Saturday, September 22nd:
Sneaky Creekans + a bevy of good hearted others.
21+- $3 (?) - 9ish
benefit for a band who's manager bailed with all of their money,

Friday, September 21st:
The KGB, Solemite, The Locals, Stunt Monkey, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages - $10 - Doors at 5:30, Creekans at 6




Saturday, August 24th:
The Outhouse, Los Gatos
Monkey, Sneaky Creekans, Solemite
All Ages - free- 5:00 pm
Eric Fanali's 5th anniversary of being a promoter! whee!
BBQ, Street Hockey (team Creekan will own it), and ROCK!

Saturday, August 18th:
The Rio Theater, Santa Cruz
Slow Gherkin, Sneaky Creekans, The Gadjits, Suburban Legends
All Ages - $6 - Doors at 7:30
CD RELEASE OF "Sneaky Creekans: For The Time Being"

Tickets available at Streetlight Records on Santa Cruz

Friday, August 17th:
KMBY Battle of the Bands the 2nd Round
The Blue Fin Monterey
21+ - free - 9:00 pm - come and vote, you bastards

Sunday, August 12th:
BOBO Junction Party
The Junction, Boulder Creek
Sneaky Creekans, The Moonies, Meathead
All Ages - free - the fun starts at noon.
Rawkin Boulder Creek show for all you elite Creekan fans! Free food, drink and breakdancin'...

Saturday,August 4th:
KMBY Battle of the Bands!
The Blue Fin Monterey
21+ - free(?) - 9:00 pm




Saturday, July 28th:
Cactus Club San Jose
Sprung Monkey, Funk Junkies, UVR, Utopian Pipe, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages - \$5 - Doors @ 8:30pm -Creekans at 9:00

Thursday, July 26th:
The Blue Fin, Monterey CA
Sneaky Creekans, Warsaw
21+ - Show at 9

Saturday, July 14th:
Relay For Life
Big ol' Cancer Society Benefit!
SLV High School on Hwy 9 in Felton
Sneaky Creekans, The Chop Tops, and a bevy of others
Creekans at 8pm

Friday, July 13th:
Moriconi Bros. p-lot party!
9653 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA
take the Rio Del Mar Exit off of Hwy 1
Sneaky Creekans, Serial Carpens
Music @ 5:30

Monday, July 2nd:
The Epicenter, San Diego CA
Sneaky Creekans, Serial Carpens, The Exit, Awall
All Ages - \$5 - 7:30




June Tour With Solemite, Serial Carpens, and US!

June 18- Redway,Ca - Iguanas
June 19- Mendicino TBA
June 20th - Sacramento - Hard Rock Cafe
June 22- Portland, OR TBA
June 23- Seattle WA TBA
June 24- Seattle WA TBA
June 25- Seattle, WA Bohemian cafe
June 27- San Francisco TBA

June 28- Santa Cruz: Catalyst: hey! do you want some free tickets?
email us at with your mailing address and how many tickets you want!

June 29- Los Angles A&M Roadhouse
June 30th- Newport Beach - Hard Rock Cafe
July 1- San Diego TBA




Saturday, May 26th:
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
Sneaky Creekans
** Doors @ 9:00 **

Saturday, May 19th:
UCSC BBQ, Santa Cruz
Sneaky Creekans
** All ages Show @ 6:30**

Saturday, May 12th:
Rager in SLO... find it if you can!

Friday, May 4th:
The Warehouse "401 Club" in Salinas
Chubby Bunny, Sneaky Creekans, Against All Odds, Battery Guys
**all ages - doors at 7:30***





Friday, March 30th:
College 8, UCSC Santa Cruz
Sneaky Creekans, Local A.M.
All Ages - FREE! - ** Doors @ 5:00, us at 5:30 **

Saturday, March 24th:
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
Neville Staple, Sneaky Creekans
All Ages ** Doors @ 8:30, us at 9:00 **

Tuesday, March 20th:
The Cactus Club, San Jose CA
80 Octane, Sneaky Creekans, Hidden pocket, 3 Minutes Fast
All Ages ** Doors @ 5:00, us at 7:00 **

Saturday, March 10th:
Salinas Valley Marine, Salinas
Us doing a KMBY remote spot for our buddy, matt black
** Show @ 11 **

Thursday, March 8th:
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
--- Nate Lieby's Birthday Blowout! ---
Monkey, The Slackers, Sneaky Creekans, Firme
All Ages Free Tickets! ** Doors @ 8:30, us at 9:00 \$3 at the door.**

Friday, March 2nd:
The Vet's Hall, Santa Cruz
Craig's Brother, Mr Wheat, Sneaky Creekans, Hey Mike
All Ages ** Doors @ 7:30, \$6 (maybe more) at the door.**


February - 2001


Saturday February 17th:
The 401 Club, Salinas CA
Chubby Bunny, Sneaky Creekans

Saturday February 10th:
The Aptos Club, Aptos CA
Sneaky Creekans in Vamp Magazine's Battle of the Bands
21+ D'oh! ** Doors @ 8:30, us at 9:00 \$6 at the door.**

Saturday February 3rd:
The Fishbowl, Sunnyvale CA
Firme, Sneaky Creekans
** Doors @ 7:00 **

Yo, if you want to see the old school gigs, go to the gigs archive!