Sneaky Creekans: Summer 1997- June 29, 2002
"Live: Postmortem" Final-Show Double-CD available at streetlight records, go buy it.

August 24. 2012

The beat goes on. Check 300 Pounds and Coffee Zombie Collective out. CZC still plays some creekans stuff.You can also download all of the albums released by 300 Pounds, Sneaky Creekans, and Coffee Zombie Collective here:

August 8. 2006

Well, it's been a while, eh? There's not much to report. 300 Pounds is still rocking hard and always looking for new fans. The main reason I'm updating is because you can now buy Creekans music on the net and Itunes! woo!

Creekans Stuff:
BOBO - CD ITunes
For the Time Being - CD ITunes (should be there if you look hard enough)
LIVE: Post-Mortem - CD ITunes

300 Pounds Stuff:
300 Pounds - CD ITunes
Metamorphasis - CD ITunes

December 2, 2003

If you'd like to buy a CD, contact me or mail $12 to

Nate Lieby
120 Sadi St.
Santa Cruz CA 95060

January 8th, 2003 (put Live CD info up)

For now, it's goodbye. Thanks for being there for us, our music will always be there for you.

Here's the cast of the Sneaky Creekans in random/stream-of-consciousness order:

- Nate - Jon - Paulie - Laura - Lucas - Rob -
- Sideburns - Matt - Josh - Andrew - George -

Pre-Website Members:
Adam - Mitch - Some Other Guys

Here are some pics of the last show from me, renaldo, east bay matt, and melissssa... if you have any pictures you'd like to have up, let me know...



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